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Hi, you sweet and pretty human being, 💖

 How nice of you to pay a visit to my online store! 

 Let me introduce myself: I’m Charlene Yeung, the creator and founder of Gemini Crystals.
I sell jewellery, gemstones, crystals, minerals, tools for meditation and beauty products. 

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, where I share my life and home with my boyfriend, my baby boy, and one cute cat Floortje.
  From an early age, I have been a highly sensitive person (HSP). On top of that, I became hearing impaired as a child due to loud music. These two factors made me look at the world differently than other people around me did. Which is why they often did not understand me. I hid the things I felt or saw, because of the reactions of the people around me: they made me think that these things were not “right” or “normal”. As a result, I developed an uncertainty, a fear even, for these experiences. I was highly sensitive to things like sounds, movements, light, crowded areas, people’s moods and the way they talk. For a long time, I thought that my own feelings were causing this sensitivity. I thought it were my fears and my emotional pain of being hearing impaired that rose to the surface. I felt helpless. At times, the stimuli would be so overwhelming, and it felt as if I had to deal with it on my own. 

Until several years ago. Then I discovered that I could soak up energy from others thanks to being HSP and my hearing impairment. That’s when I learnt why I feel the way I felt. I learnt to deal with it much better. Until then I used to see being an HSP as something negative.  And having a hearing problem in today’s world hasn’t been a walk in the park either.  But from that moment on, through trial and error, I discovered how to turn being an HSP into a power and my hearing into a sixth sense.  

I discovered that I had to be inwardly ready to let go of the old, if I ever wanted to give life a chance to surprise me again and to broaden my horizons. Instead of seeing being an HSP and having a hearing impairment as something negative,  I transformed them into powerful traits, and above all: it became a process of learning, development and growth. 

How did I find my strength? 
Thanks to the spiritual. I tried yoga, meditation, soul retrieval, palm readings,
reiki, tarot cards and much more. These beautiful ways of learning selflove, self-development and finding yourself didn’t only take me where I am now, I continue learning every day. And I am more than grateful to work with these extraordinary energies and elements, in line with and stemming

from my intuition. And to be able to share this with you through my online store?

That is a magical gift every time. 

 Here I hope you will find the strength you need, just like me. 

Why did I choose Gemini Crystals ♡ ? 
I have my boyfriend to thank for the name. As soon as he came up with the idea, 
we realized it fitted me perfectly: whatever I do, I do it with and from love. Jewels with love. That also means that when you buy a piece of jewellery or a gemstone from me, I tune in with my feelings and select a beautiful product for you with love. 

What makes me happy?  
My own company of course, as it is really fun and I put my heart and soul into it, natural gemstones, cooking, beauty, my baby boy, my boyfriend, my cat, animals, plants, hugs, nature, cabins in the woods, long walks, deep conversations about anything, a good book,  a nice night in on the couch with a blanket, incense, candles, the sun, people who care for other people, helping someone,  laughing until your cheeks hurt, tea, fresh smoothies, almond butter and of course: caring for the people around me and seeing them happy. 

My sign: Gemini (23-05-1989) 

My ascendant: Virgo 

My favourite gemstones: rose quartz, labradorite, amethyst and citrine 

Love & Light

💖💞🧘🌸✨🧘 🙏


Hi everyone! Brian here. As you know, Charlene started Jewels with Love in March 2021.

I am very proud of her that she took this big step in her life. And because she has not expected that she would grow so quickly as a company in such a short time,

we decided to start the adventure together from now on. 

Let me introduce myself. I'm Brian, Charlene's boyfriend.

I will be dealing with all kinds of things in the background of the company but as you probably know it is very difficult for Charlene to

present Live Sales because of her hearing impairment. therefore (with Charlene in the background) I will be presenting the Live Sales with all of you.

I'm really looking forward to this new adventure!